“I have been ill for 3 years and numerous doctors’ appointments have left me feeling helpless and hopeless. Most of all I feel that doctors don’t take the time to listen, to test, and to investigate; they just want to medicate. After finally putting myself first and meeting with Susan, getting proper testing, analyzing results and figuring out a course of action (while she patiently answers all my questions of why), I have turned a corner and am healing my body and feeling SO MUCH BETTER! Thank you Susan.”

Sharyl A., Age 56 


“Susan Ramsey is a treasured advisor and inspired leader in Women’s Health Care. I have not met anyone as knowledgeable, nor more committed to my well-being. Her proactive and intuitive approach in supporting me with my health goals has made a substantive impact. Her knowledge and support has empowered me to make informed choices while directly collaborating with my Physicians to achieve optimal results.”

Hope B., Age 59


 “Susan is an amazing ‘Health Detective’ and she is so thorough. I had some serious issues but I feel great now. She gave me back 20 years, and I feel so much better and young again.  I haven’t felt this good and with so much energy for so long.  I am so grateful for her helping me to get my life back.”

Rita B., Age 58


“Susan has superb understanding of hormones: thyroid, sex hormones, cortisol, neuro-hormones, and female biology and works in a collaborative manner to create personalized programs.”

Dr. Lyster, M.D., Board Certified OBGYN 


“Susan’s background includes experience in Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Gynecology, as well as Psychiatry. Ms. Ramsey has an excellence grasp of both Traditional and Functional Medicine. Susan works to help individuals balance biochemistry. Susan is a team player. She is an excellent Clinical Nutritionist. She is very caring, a good communicator, and well-liked by clients and staff.”

Mark Kosins, M.D., Board Certified Psychiatry and Neurology, Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine (Western University of the Pacific)  


“I have been working conjointly with Susan Ramsey and have sent patients to her for in depth work-ups. Susan has extensive knowledge in sex hormones, metabolism, neurohormones, cortisol/adrenal, and thyroid issues. She is a very experienced clinician… Susan is an educator and wants her clients to understand what is going on in their biology and how their lifestyle choices affect their successful outcomes. She addresses the nutritional and lifestyle aspects of a client’s situation with workable step-by-step plans.”

Susan Debin, M.D., Board Certified Family Practice